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Posted: August 27, 2013 in The Film

The story of how a small Midwestern town waged war on African-American and Hispanic bar owners to drive them out of the changing town.

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Pattern or Practice has been accepted to the East Lansing Michigan Film Festival, Michigan’s largest film festival. Showing to over 23,000 film lovers. Oct 30 – Nov 6, 2014–277051611.html

Frist Showing Oriental Theater Milwaukee WI

Interview With Ken Lumpkin for Pattern or Practice

Producer Jim Spodick interview Pattern or Practice

It took 3 years investigating the civil rights violation conducted by the City of Racine. Complied the information, wrote the documentary script, assembled a talented and passionate crew and brought the information to the public. A 119 page federal civil rights complaint has been filed and accepted by the WI. 7th District Federal Court (14-00208) due in part to the information compiled for this documentary.

City of Racine Alderman speak on approval and the safe guards placed on the liquor license for a minority club

Clip from “Pattern or Practice”