Pattern or Practice peels the veneer off that shoddy pretense and provides a stark view of what institutionalized racism looks like. A small Midwestern town once a manufacturing powerhouse, is a backsliding, post-industrial community with a race problem so pervasive that disbelief is nearly always the observer’s first reaction. By the time the final credits are rolling, that disbelief is replaced by anger, disgust, perhaps shame and hopefully a desire for change.

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Monday March 30, 2015   


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The Justice Department released the Pattern or Practice Report on the findings in Ferguson Missouri.

Attorney General Holder first announced the comprehensive pattern or practice investigation into the Ferguson Police Department after visiting that community in August 2014, and hearing directly from residents about police practices and the lack of trust between FPD and those they are sworn to protect.  The investigation focused on the FPD’s use of force, including deadly force; stops, searches and arrests; discriminatory policing; and treatment of detainees inside Ferguson’s city jail by Ferguson police officers.

In the course of its pattern or practice investigation, the Civil Rights Division reviewed more than 35,000 pages of police records; interviewed and met with city, police and court officials, including the FPD’s chief and numerous other officers; conducted hundreds of in-person and telephone interviews, as well as participated in meetings with community members and groups; observed Ferguson Municipal Court sessions, and; analyzed FPD’s data on stops, searches and arrests.  It found that the combination of Ferguson’s focus on generating revenue over public safety, along with racial bias, has a profound effect on the FPD’s police and court practices, resulting in conduct that routinely violates the Constitution and federal law.  The department also found that these patterns created a lack of trust between the FPD and significant portions of Ferguson’s residents, especially African Americans.

The department found that the FPD has a pattern or practice of:

  • Conducting stops without reasonable suspicion and arrests without probable cause in violation of the Fourth Amendment;
  • Interfering with the right to free expression in violation of the First Amendment; and
  • Using unreasonable force in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The department found that Ferguson Municipal Court has a pattern or practice of:

  • Focusing on revenue over public safety, leading to court practices that violate the 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection requirements.
  • Court practices exacerbating the harm of Ferguson’s unconstitutional police practices and imposing particular hardship upon Ferguson’s most vulnerable residents, especially upon those living in or near poverty.Minor offenses can generate crippling debts, result in jail time because of an inability to pay and result in the loss of a driver’s license, employment, or housing.

The department found a pattern or practice of racial bias in both the FPD and municipal court:

  • The harms of Ferguson’s police and court practices are borne disproportionately by African Americans and that this disproportionate impact is avoidable.
  • Ferguson’s harmful court and police practices are due, at least in part, to intentional discrimination, as demonstrated by direct evidence of racial bias and stereotyping about African Americans by certain Ferguson police and municipal court officials.

The findings are laid out in a 100-page report that discusses the evidence and what remedies should be implemented to end the pattern or practice. The findings include two sets of recommendations, 26 in total, that the Justice Department believes are necessary to correct the unconstitutional FPD and Ferguson Municipal Court practices.  The recommendations include: changing policing and court practices so that they are based on public safety instead of revenue; improving training and oversight; changing practices to reduce bias, and; ending an over-reliance on arrest warrants as a means of collecting fines.

The full report from the Justice Department can be found here:


Wilbur Jones former owner of Viper’s Lounge speaks about activities at his bar.

Out-Take Clip from Pattern or Practice

Posted: February 26, 2015 in The Film

Former owners discuss the action taken by the City of Racine to acquire their property.

Holmes speaks to Common Council

Posted: February 24, 2015 in The Film

Thomas Holmes speaks to Racine Common Council 1-15-2013

Thomas Holmes former owner of Park 6 in Racine WI. after winning WI. State of Appeals decision, asks the City Council of Racine for this liquor license back. Now the plaintiff in a federal civil rights suit against the City of Racine.

More information is surfacing in the ongoing civil rights and RICO lawsuit against the City of Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

The lawsuit brought by minority business against the City of Racine WI. has just exploded with a motion to compel. Information contained is shocking!
In Part:
The Municipal Defendants are
in the process of providing responsive documentation from June 2009 – present. They have
refused, however, to produce any ESI from January 2006 – May 2009.
The relevance of the requested information cannot reasonably be contested. The
Municipal Defendants recently provided Plaintiffs with a list containing the number of hits for
individual search terms found in certain City employees’ emails from June 2009 – present. The
results are staggering; for example:
“nigger” (436 hits) “nig” (238 hits) “negro (1675 hits)
“monkey” (612 hits) “wetback” (31 hits) “n-ville” (14 hits)
“coon” (745 hits) “bribe” (548 hits) “kickback” (54 hits)
“ghetto” (303 hits) “oriental” (484 hits) “those people” (1765 hits)
Further, during one of the very first fact witness depositions to take place in this case, a
non-party witness testified that she heard Mayor Dickert proclaim that: “It is time for these
Niggers to go back to Waukegan.”

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Who shot out the Window

Posted: February 14, 2015 in The Film
Reward offered for information on vandalism to Park 6

Reward offered for information on vandalism to Park 6

Front window Club Park 6 Shot out at 1:09:19 on March 3, 2011 one day after the City of Racine is ordered by the court to give the owner  this Liquor License back to resume business. Police report states kids throwing rocks. You be the Judge. “I think it was a retaliation of the judge’s (order) because this has never been a problem before,” Holmes said.