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This deposition clip was the result of the lawsuit brought by 5 minority bar owners. It has uncovered a considerable amount of other information. The Meredith contribution was split into 10 separate anonymous contributions?The ultimate in fiscal irresponsibility is on full display. When a Mayor swears to God under oath that he doesn’t know if his brother has given him a $3K contribution, and swears to God under oath that he doesn’t know if minor’s can give to his campaign, there needs to be some serious questions asked and a full investigation into spending within city government.

 Now that the federal civil rights suit has progressed further, ( Holmes vs City of Racine)  evidence has been revealed that racial slurs were used, and a biased attitude toward minorities has been entrenched in the personalities of several public officials.  This cannot help but have  a damaging effect on public confidence in city government.  Revealing this evidence will certainly prove disruptive to the domestic tranquility, but it’s a necessary beginning to a long overdue process of ending racism and discrimination in our community.

This lawsuit, which began as a response to the systematic closure of minority taverns, is important, but it is merely emblematic of deeper, more pervasive civil rights issues that plague Racine

As people become more familiar with what racism really is, and how it works, they will be shocked and appalled by what has been taking place where they live.  Hopefully, they will be inspired to do something about it.  The bottom line is, if we do not begin to accept one another as fully human, and willingly share the opportunities that are created by civilized societies, we are going to end up destroying what has taken many generations to create.