I’m the producer of the documentary Pattern or Practice. The film took 2 years to finish, the material covered in the film (shocking as it is) is a true story of the pattern used to boldly discriminate against African Americans and other minority bussiness owners and the strength of the persecuted. Pattern or Practice goes beyond the street protests of Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York and into the underbelly of local government. It’s a portrait of the effects of government corruption and institutionalize racism, and how it’s enabled by local officials detachment from one’s community and enhanced by those with something to gain.

Press: Contact Jim Spodick           262-930-5467

Pattern or Practice features restaurant bar owners who had their licenses and businesses taken by city of Racine, Wis., elected officials. The footage includes interviews with business owners who, with their own words and emotions, outline the abuse and harassment they experienced at the hands of the city of Racine. The film uses documentation from actual committee meetings, network news casts and articles that ran in the local newspaper, the Journal Times.
    As a property owner in Racine, I have been seeing firsthand the abuse and mishandling of power that our elected officials have been implementing on our city and citizens. I’d say things really starting escalating over the past ten years. I was hearing and seeing stories of the travesties that were taking place to business owners and knew I had to get involved to bring awareness to what these politicians were and continue to do to our city.
The title, Pattern or Practice, comes from the Justice Department term meaning: pattern of discrimination that has been conducted against a group of persons or an issue of general public importance. The film focuses on the practice of selective legal enforcement that is enabled by a passive public perception of “I’m glad it’s not me”. Racine County Supervisor and owner of the local black newspaper, Ken Lumpkin, states “I was raised in Montgomery Alabama during the marches for freedom with Dr. King and thought this type of activity was dead.”
You can’t turn on the news at night without hearing about political corruption in one form or another and it’s not party-specific. I want the viewers of Pattern or Practice to see the faces of these victims, listen to their stories and get angry…very angry. I’m hoping this film will be a platform for citizens throughout the country to send a message to their elected officials: “No more. Not on our watch and certainly not with our vote!”

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Maldonaldo'sThomas Holmes

The Maldonado’s                                                        Thomas Holmes

Producer Jim Spodick interview Pattern or Practice It took 3 years investigating the civil rights violation conducted by the City of Racine. Complied the information, wrote the documentary script, assembled a talented and passionate crew and brought the information to the public. A 119 page federal civil rights complaint has been filed and accepted by the WI. 7th District Federal Court (14-00208) due in part to the information compiled for this documentary.

 Defendant asserting his the Fifth Amendment Right!

The Lawsuit Thomas Holmes vs The City of Racine

Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. Nicely done. This documentary is professional and persuasive. It’s an important resource that brings together the individuals who the city has treated unfairly and their stories. It’s a unifying force. Hopefully, it’s also the starting point for discussions about what kind of city we want Racine to be, and who do those in power represent?I highly recommend it. I give it 4 (****) out of 5 stars.JT Irregulars January 22,2014

From Racine Community Media:
Pattern or Practice shows the cruel side of racism and how denial and disbelief smooth one’s conscience, but does nothing to prevent the damages brought by bigotry and prejudice. This is an oustanding and riveting film.

From the Wisconsin Daily Independent October,2013

Indy Film Wisconsin awards Racine Film Producer Film Hero Award.

Indy Film Wisconsin an organization that promotes film makers/films from
Wisconsin. Announced today the latest Film Hero award to film producer Jim
Spodick for his work in creating the film Pattern or Practice a
documentary on race issues in Racine WI.
Mr. Clingman chairman of Indy Film Wisconsin was able to see the unedited interviews and taped city
meetings used in this documentary. Mr Clingman said the following. “Only someone of Mr.
Spodick’s background of development work could have the contacts needed
to bring this sad story of what I see as racism out.”
Mr. Clingman goes on to say “Mr Spodick connects the dots in this sad
tale of a once great city.” Indy Film Wisconsin September 2013

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