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Letters, emails, news articles:  substantiate targeting of a BLACK MAN

On September 21, 2010 the Headlines reads on Racine Post   ( A Local Racine WI. News Blog )

“JT readies story on city’s case against Park 6”

Why did the Racine Journal Times Never Publish This Story?

From Racine Post September 21, 2010:

The Journal Times is ready to publish a story tomorrow investigating the city’s case in favor of revoking the liquor license the controversial night club Park 6.  NO STORY WAS EVER PUBLISHED

People interviewed for the story say the newspaper acquired emails from city officials talking about Park 6. The emails suggest the city had made up its mind early on about suspending the Sixth Street club’s license instead of revoking.

The story may also focus on email comments made by members of the City Council’s Public Safety and Licensing Committee, including some comments that may be embarrassing in public.

Here are two emails from the City of Racine server.

Alderman Kaplan States ” Where will all the naughty youngsters go next“.

Alderman Helding States: Thanks for the information. I was out observing the area late Saturday. I sure hope most of the women I saw DO NOT wear bikinis. We would probably run out of ticket books writing indecent exposure citations.

Alderman Kaplan email before due process on Park 6 clientele.
Alderman Helding Commenting on Park 6 Clientele

The crux of the article, expected to hit tomorrow, is the city’s case against Park 6’s liquor license. Park 6 owner Thomas Holmes, and his attorney, claim at least half of the city’s claims against the bar can be refuted. For example, two underage drinking tickets tied to the bar were tossed out of municipal court.

DUE PROCESS: Fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen’s entitlement.

Why were these underage drinking tickets tossed out of municipal court? Emails to Chief Wahlan from Charles Weitzel, cc Arthel  Howell, David Semtana discussing the underage drinking citations to Thomas Holmes and Park 6.

email referred to in City Attorney Letter0001
email referred to in City Attorney Letter0002

Below is a letter from Holmes’s Attorney Maistelman to Attorney Binger hired by the City of Racine to conduct the due process hearing on Park 6. Also addressed in the letter is City of Racine Attorney Weber.

Letter to City Attorney0001
Letter to City Attorney0002
Letter to City Attorney0003

The city also claimed Park 6 was responsible for fights on Sixth Street early one morning, but Park 6 had closed two hours before the fights occurred. Look for the JT’s investigation to hit tomorrow’s paper.

But on September 07, 2010 The Racine Journal Times did write an article on the subject of the Park 6 due process and Alderman Maack explains why there was no due process hearing:

Council OKs Park 6 agreement

Alderman David Maack of the 5th District and who also serves on the committee, said some business owners were afraid to come forward to testify at a due process hearing last month because they feared retribution. That made it difficult for the city to build a case to revoke Holmes’ license. It could make it difficult to get people together to discuss long-term solutions, Maack said.

Maack said members of the committee felt there was hope they could resolve some of the issues on Sixth Street by working out the arrangement with Holmes.

But not only Racine City Hall, The Racine Journal Times and the Racine Police Department the Racine Downtown Corp. (DRC) was helping Whitewash The Black Man.

Emails downtown Racine Corp. Bid Board #1
Emails Downtown Racine Corp Bid Board #10002

Even the Neighbors helped the City.

.Emails from H&W to Ald. Jeff Coe

NOTE: There were other e-mails that showed “racial or ethnic bias, as well as other forms of bias,”  “Holmes vs City of Racine” but only these are included. There are 350 additional emails yet to be released. There was not  any suggestion that anyone involved in these e-mails were disciplined, nor were the e-mails reported or the people who sent them asked to stop. “

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