Motion to compel, ” Shocking information”

Posted: February 17, 2015 in The Film

The lawsuit brought by minority business against the City of Racine WI. has just exploded with a motion to compel. Information contained is shocking!
In Part:
The Municipal Defendants are
in the process of providing responsive documentation from June 2009 – present. They have
refused, however, to produce any ESI from January 2006 – May 2009.
The relevance of the requested information cannot reasonably be contested. The
Municipal Defendants recently provided Plaintiffs with a list containing the number of hits for
individual search terms found in certain City employees’ emails from June 2009 – present. The
results are staggering; for example:
“nigger” (436 hits) “nig” (238 hits) “negro (1675 hits)
“monkey” (612 hits) “wetback” (31 hits) “n-ville” (14 hits)
“coon” (745 hits) “bribe” (548 hits) “kickback” (54 hits)
“ghetto” (303 hits) “oriental” (484 hits) “those people” (1765 hits)
Further, during one of the very first fact witness depositions to take place in this case, a
non-party witness testified that she heard Mayor Dickert proclaim that: “It is time for these
Niggers to go back to Waukegan.”

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