At Your Community Venue or Campus

Posted: February 12, 2015 in The Film

Tugg Logo GreenThe title page is up and running for Pattern or Practice at However the theater hosting is taking a little longer but the community page is alive. That’s right you can now host a screening at your community Venue or School. We are currently looking for sponsors to host a theatrical screening (Coming Soon) in the Racine and Milwaukee area. It cost you nothing and it’s a great way to support our film, stand up for justice and you receive 5% of the ticket sales. Contract us at

Hi I’m Jim Spodick the producer of the documentary Pattern or Practice. The film took 2 years to finish, the material covered in the film (shocking as it is) is a true story of the pattern used to boldly discriminate against African Americans and other minority  business owners and the strength of the persecuted. Pattern or Practice goes beyond the street protests of Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York and into the underbelly of local government. It’s a portrait of the effects of government corruption and institutionalize racism, and how it’s enabled by local officials detachment from one’s community and enhanced by those with something to gain. Watch for our upcoming video!

At Your Community Venue or Campus

The process is simple:
1. Choose a date, time, and place to show the film. Venues include: schools, religious institutions, community centers, and recreational facilities.
2. Purchase a screening license. www. If you are partnering with a K-12 school or university, be sure to select the Educational option. We will ship you the film’s Blu-ray or DVD to play at the event.
3. Fill out the Tugg Event Page Request Form so you can sell tickets to your event, accept donations, or manage free RSVPs. Someone from the Tugg Team will follow up with you to create your page!
4. Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Tugg Team at

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